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AUTODOME 7000 HD CAMERA BOSCH CCTV System | VG5-7220-EPC4 | Stock now 200pc

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Bosch VG5-7220-EPC4 AutoDome 7000 IP PTZ Camera, 20X Lens

  • High-resolution, full HD PTZ camera with 1080p25/30 (2MP) resolution and 20x zoom for capturing fine details
  • New Intelligent Tracking and alarm rules engine with on-board Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)
  • Enhanced system flexibility with dual recording options (iSCSI, SD card) and dual power source options (High Power over Ethernet (High PoE) / 24 VAC)
  • Fully configurable quad streaming with individually configurable HD streams, based on Bosch’s new Common Product Platform (CPP4)
  • Easy and intuitive installation with multiple preconfigured user modes that allow users to select the camera configuration that is ideal for their applications 
The AUTODOME 7000 HD is an easy to install, highspeed PTZ dome camera, in a field-proven indoor/ outdoor pendant housing or indoor in-ceiling housing, that delivers unmatched picture quality and network performance day and night with superb high-definition (HD) 1080p25/30 (2MP) video and 20x optical zoom. 

The camera provides complete network-based control of all dome functionality including pan/tilt/zoom operation, presets, tours and alarms as well as webbased configuration of all dome settings.

It also provides direct network video streaming using H.264 compression / bandwidth throttling to efficiently manage bandwidth and storage requirements while delivering outstanding image quality. 


1- High-performance PTZ day/night camera:

 The camera has a large, effective sensor area that contributes to very high camera sensitivity. The camera can be configured to operate in 720p50/60 mode for capturing fast motion (for example, in traffic or gaming scenarios). The default 1080p25/30 mode delivers high resolution images with six times more details than a standard definition (SD) camera.

2- Wide Dynamic Range

The camera features Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology that allows for the capture of clear images from both bright and dark areas in the same frame. WDR ensures that bright areas are not saturated and that dark areas are not too dark. 

3- Sodium vapor lamp white balance

The camera is an exceptional performer when capturing video under a sodium vapor lamp (a street lamp or tunnel lamp, for example). Uncorrected images under these conditions have a yellowish tint, which can make identification difficult. In the Sodium Vapor White Balance mode, the camera automatically compensates for the light from a sodium vapor lamp to restore objects to their original color.

4- Virtual masking 

The camera offers Virtual Masking, which gives users flexibility to mask parts of the scene which should not be considered for flow analysis to trigger Intelligent Tracking. This allows users to mask background motion in the scene such as moving trees, pulsating lights, busy roads, etc.

5- Intelligent Tracking 

The camera utilizes the built-in Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) to follow an individual or an object continuously. Objects detected by IVA when the camera is in a stationary position activate the Intelligent Tracking feature, which controls the pan/ tilt/zoom actions of the camera to keep the tracked object in the scene. The new Intelligent Tracking is based on robust flow detection algorithms which can reliably track moving objects even under challenging scenes. The tracking and detection reliability can be enhanced further with virtual masking for scenes with a lot of background motion such as trees or other objects creating constant motion in the scene. The camera supports three modes for Intelligent Tracking:

Auto mode: When configured in this mode, the camera actively analyzes the video to detect any moving object. If it detects movement, it begins to track the object. This mode is most useful for scenarios where normally no motion is expected. 

One Click mode: In this mode, users can click an object moving in the live video image to enable the camera to track the movement of the selected object. This mode is most useful for scenarios where normal scene activity is expected. 

IVA-triggered mode: In this mode, the camera continuously analyzes the scene for IVA alarms or IVA rule violations. If an IVA rule is violated, it triggers the advanced tracking feature of the camera to start following the object / person that triggered the alarm. This unique combination of robust IVA and Intelligent Tracking allows the camera to track moving objects of interest without getting distracted by other moving objects in the scene.

6- Intelligence 

With built-in video content analysis, the AUTODOME reinforces the Intelligence-at-the-Edge concept where edge devices become increasingly intelligent. 

The AUTODOME comes with Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) built-in. IVA is state-of-the-art intelligent video analysis that reliably detects, and analyzes moving objects while suppressing unwanted alarms from spurious sources in the image. The IVA functionality built into the AUTODOME is able to detect idle and removed objects as well as loitering, multiple line crossing, and trajectories. 

IVA also supports BEV (Bird’s Eye View) People counting. Assisted Self Calibration and configurable detection filters improve reliability and reduce operator work load. 

7- AUTODOME 7000 PTZ drive and mechanism 

The AUTODOME 7000 supports 256 pre-positions and two styles of Guard Tours: Preset and Record/ Playback. 

Users can configure the preset standard tour with as many as 256 sequential pre-positions, with a configurable dwell time between pre-positions. 

The AUTODOME Series also provides support for two recorded tours, which are recorded macros of an operator’s movements, including pan, tilt, and zoom activities, and can be played back with the click of a button. Pan and tilt preset repeatability are accurate to within ±0.1 degrees to ensure that the correct scene is captured every time. 

The camera delivers variable pan/ tilt speeds from a crawl speed of only 0.1 degrees per second to a full 400 degrees per second. The camera is capable of pan speeds of 400 degrees per second and tilt speeds of 300 degrees per second between prepositions. 

The camera provides a tilt angle 18 degrees above the horizon, and a pan range of up to 360 degrees continuous rotation.

8- Five (5) pre-programmed user modes 

Five pre-programmed but configurable user modes, optimized with the best settings for a variety of typical applications, make camera programming on-site easy and user-friendly.
Users select from the menu the mode that best defines the environment in which the camera is installed:

  • Outdoor – general day-to-night changes with sun highlights and street lighting
  • Indoor – general day-to-night changes without sun highlights and street lighting
  • Low light –optimized for sufficient details at low light
  • Motion – monitoring traffic or fast moving objects; motion artifacts are minimized
  • Vibrant – enhanced contrast color reproduction and sharpness Users have the ability to customize these modes, if necessary, for the specific requirements of the site.

9- Superior privacy masking 

The camera provides 24 individual, easy to configure privacy masks, with up to 8 displayed in the same scene. As the camera is zoomed, each mask changes size smoothly and quickly, ensuring that the covered object cannot be seen in most cases.

10- Comprehensive streaming capabilities on Bosch’s Common Product Platform (CPP4) 

The camera has an advanced, efficient H.264 encoder (CPP4) embedded for high quality HD streaming video and very efficient streaming and network capabilities. 
The new platform supports simultaneous streaming of individually configurable HD streams, and allows a choice of HD resolution in combination of SD resolutions. 

11- ONVIF conformant 

The AUTODOME Series conforms to the ONVIF Profile S specification allowing easy integration with the conformant devices and VMS. 
For more information about ONVIF, visit 
The camera conforms to the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) specification which guarantees interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer. ONVIF conformant devices are able to exchange live video, audio, metadata and control information. 
They are automatically discovered and connected to network applications such as video management systems.

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