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أجود وأرقى شاشات وكيبادات KNX Smart Home System

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 أجود وأرقى شاشات وكيبادات السمارت
 KNX Smart Home System

1- G1 GIRA Screen 6"

The all-rounder for building technology
The Gira G1 is the smart control centre for all KNX building technology. All functions can be conveniently operated by touching or gesturing at the bright multi-touch display. It can be installed on a single device box like a normal switch and is equally suitable for modernisation operations, retrofitting and new buildings. In combination with the DCS-IP gateway, the Gira G1 can also be used as a home station for door communication.

Download GIRA G1 Brochure &nbsp

2-  Schneider Multi touch pro 

MTN6215-0310 | MTN6215-5910 | MTN6216-5910
KNX Multitouch Pro Screen, System M , Thermostat with 32 functions.

function available Output:
switching ON/OFF, Background lighting, All functions are displayed on a touch screen, Setpoint adjustment, Blind control, Scene saving, Valve protection function, Operating modes, Switch-on behaviour of the user interface, Pulse edges with 2-byte telegrams, 8-bit linear regulator, Pulse edges trigger 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-bit telegrams, Screen saver Gesture function: the device recognises a gesture Switching, toggling, dimming Controller type: 2-step controller 32 functions room controller Cleaning mode Controller type: switching PI control (PWM) Controller type: continuous-action PI control Scene retrieval Integrated room temperature controller Proximity function: for the display and the start screen Output: continuous in the range 0 to 100% Signal function Fan control.

Download Schneider Multi touch pro User manual

3- Schneider KNX Push Button 4-Gang with 8 operating Buttons 

 Schneider KNX Push Button 4-Gang with 8 operating Buttons Anthracite + GIRA Frame 021110

4- BASALTE KNX deseo

an intelligent design thermostat  

Deseo is a design thermostat and room controller to intuitively control your home climate, lighting and 
even music at the lightest touch. It comes in a variety of high-quality finishes to beautifully blend in with any interior.

High-end finishes 
that match your home  
 Deseo comes in a wide range of high-quality finishes, to blend in with your interior or stand out as a 
true design statement!


5- GIRA KNX/EIB Keypad 6-Gang or 5-Gang + Thermostat