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eNET | WIRELESS SMART HOME SYSTEM | أنظمة البيوت الذكية وايرلس

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 eNET أنظمة البيوت الذكية وايرلس


1- the new bi-directional radio system
2- Retrofitting electrical installation easily
3- Controlling and networking lighting and blinds
4- Operating devices from switches up to the Control Client (Screen)
5- eNet is easy to operate (from your mobile)


هو أحد أنظمة السمارت التي لاتحتاج الى تمديد كيابل خاصة أو تكسير في منزلك, 
نعم أي منزل ممكن أن يركب هذا النظام دون الحاجة لأي تكسير أو تغيرات في تمديد الكيابل..

مميزات نظام السمارت هوم الوايرلس eNET WIRELESS SMART HOME SYSTEM ؟

1- أنه لايحتاج أي تكسير أو تمديدات خاصة له
2- أنه يتحكم بالمنزل كاملا من حيث الانارة والستائر والانارة الديمر وكل دوائر الـ ON/OFF بأنواعها.
3- أنه نظام مستقر جدا ,
4- حاصل على أفضل ديزاين وكولتي لعام 2017.. الرابط بالأسفل.
5- ضمان سنتين شامل قطع الغيار والبرمجه والتركيب.
6- نظام ألماني , عالي الجودة.
7- موفر جدا للطاقة (الحل الامثل للتوفير في فاتورة الكهرباء)

8- امكانية التحكم بالمنزل عن طريق الجوال , سينسورات الحركة , أوكيبادات وشاشات ذكية جدا .
9- أشكال لامحدودة من كيبادات التحكم والفريمات, تأتي بنفس أنواع الافياش والمفاتيح GIRA.
10- أسعار منافسة ..

Gira eNet System

eNet is a wireless-based home automation system that allows the electrician to install quick and clean modern smart home applications, and which also inspires demanding customers at home or in small businesses.
Wireless installation
The wireless installation provides many advantages when redecorating. eNet can be used to modernise new constructions without having to open up walls and create a lot of dust and dirt.
eNet equipment disappears into the existing device boxes or sub-distributions, and control points are positioned exactly where they are needed - regardless of existing lines.

Easy operation and installation
eNet is an intelligent system that offers many advantages over conventional wiring installation.
It enables solutions that were previously reserved for large commercial buildings.
eNet can be used in any situation: from crosstrade functions for lighting and blinds via your smart phone to visualising via a graphical user nterface using a tablet or PC.
The focus is always the same: simple installation, easy start-up.
The basic eNet installation requires a very small learning curve and the installer can pick up on the advanced features in a short period of time. 

1.2 eNet is smart

Networking and electrical installation control in buildings and on the move. eNet devices are operated and controlled by wireless, either individually, in groups or in scenes. In principle, any device can be operated from any location where the medium is available. Convenient short-cuts, higher-level controllers, etc. complement known wireless systems - options are also available via the PC, depending on the customer requirements.

1.3 eNet is easy to retrofit

Modern electrical installation with minimal effort. eNet devices are thus ideal for retrofitting existing
electrical systems. Although the switchgear has to be placed where the lines are, the mounting for the operating elements is virtually unlimited. Flat wall transmitters can be mounted wherever the customer wants to use them, either on walls or on furniture surfaces. Several control points that need lines for AC or cross circuits laid using conventional technology can be cheaply and flexibly implemented without requiring wiring. Mobile remote control transmitters can be operated conveniently and comfortably from your couch.

1.4 eNet is installed quickly and easily

Quick installation thanks to push-button technology or start-up software. After mounting, it only
takes one simple operation to connect the transmitter and the actuators to each other. Wireless transmitters adapt automatically to the respective
application – switching, dimming, blinds. Networking and controlling in the building Retrofitting via
wireless Quick installation WLAN Control per wireless remote control transmitter 14 Introduction

1.5 eNet is convenient

There are many operating devices for control – including remote control transmitters in four variants, and wall transmitters that can be retrofitted.
The eNet server enables system control using the Gira Control Clients, a PC, or a mobile device such
as a smart phone or tablet. Mobile control is also possible with Mobile Gate.

1.6 eNet is an industry standard

eNet is designed as an industry standard. The future may see more cooperation partners joining.

1.7 eNet is energy-efficient

Consumption display and reduction due to requirement-specific use.
Lights switch on automatically or blinds are raised and lowered: eNet can easily help save electricity
because wireless energy sensors record the devices’ consumption.
eNet provides sensors that determine consumed energy, and a controller that influences operation
of electrical consumers based on current network utilisation. The eNet server visualizes and evaluates
this data. In this way users can optimise their consumption. eNet control devices Further development
Helps to save energy 15 Introduction

1.8 eNet is flexible

When retrofitted, the system is installed more easily and faster than any cable-bound installation, and can even be taken along during subsequent moves. Wireless transmitters and actuators can be added or removed at any time, and keypad functions can be expanded or otherwise changed –
without having to pry open slots or lay wiring or cables.
A comprehensive product range consisting of control devices, actuators, and sensors facilitates flexible expansion with interesting functions.

1.9 eNet is future-proof

Always current and future-proof thanks to updates and compatibility with other systems. Features
that will be developed in the future for new applications are available now for devices that are already installed. They are simply loaded into the devices. Gateways ensure compatibility with other systems
such as the Gira wireless bus system or IP devices (e.g. smart phones or tablets). They also comply