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   1- GIRA Standard 55

2- GIRA Event

   3- GIRA E2

   4- GIRA  Esprit (Metal).

The clear form of Gira Esprit is particularly accentuated in its three metal variants. The aluminum frames are timelessly elegant: Their matt ground and the anodised surface is distinguished by its discreet shimmer, which underlines their high-quality appearance. The aluminum, black, and brown color variants are perfect for functional interior design.

Aluminum bright gold

   5- GIRA Classic ix

   Elegant. Classic. Perfectly designed

With its perfected surfaces and harmoniously rounded corners, the Gira ClassiX switch range sets new standards for stylish and classic interiors in an exclusive design.
Cover frame variants in glossy gold brass brushed bronze or glossy silver chrome are available to match the ambiance, both completely in metal and in combination with black or cream white inserts In the ClassiX Art design line, the elegant frames are also finished with artistic detailing.

The delicate lasered-in details set attractive accents.

A- Brass

The glossy gold surfaces of the brass variants create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury, which means they are ideal for use in stylish, classic interior decoration.

B- Bronze

The warm color tone and the silky feel of the surface give the bronze variants an elegant, high-quality character. The cover frames are perfected carefully by hand, which provides them with a visible grained structure that makes each one unique.

C- Chrome

The glossy silver chrome variants are fascinating due to their cool appearance and fine light reflexes. Thus they feature brilliant and yet discreet aesthetics which are especially underlined in classic-modern room concepts.

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