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أفياش ومفاتيح DETA UK , صناعة بريطانية

DETA UK Wiring Devices
أفياش ومفاتيح UK البريطانية , امكانية التوريد لجميع مناطق المملكة العربية السعودية .



Deta Slimline offers a wealth of features to ensure that installation is fast and effortless

Terminals are angled on many products and with white terminal markings and colour coded terminal entries make wiring simpler, especially in poor lighting. Captive, backed-out terminal screws reduce installation time to a minimum

All Slimline products are packaged in individual polybags to ensure that products remain clean and
undamaged right up until the point of installation
Products in the Slimline range are guaranteed for 25 years (2 years for electronic products).

Socket Outlets
 Top facing terminal screws •

• Clear terminal markings 
• Colour coded terminals
• Recessed earth bar
• Captive and backed out terminals
• Single and double pole switched versions
• 2 earth terminals on 2 gang sockets
• Only one size 4mm screwdriver needed
• Terminals have large lead-ins
• In compliance with BS 1363: Part 2
• 25-year guarantee S

USB Charging Sockets

Essential Supply Socket Outlets

Round Pin Sockets

Plate Switches :• All plate switches are X-rated and can be used for switching inductive or fluorescent loads without      de-rating
• Clear terminal markings
• Grey font engraving
• Wide rocker option
• Captive and backed out terminals (except S1246 & S1247)
• Only one size 4mm screwdriver needed
• Terminals have large lead-ins
• In compliance with BS EN 60669-1
• 25-year guarantee

Wide Rocker Plate Switches :

Architrave Switches :

Dimmer Switches :

Connection Units :

20A Double Pole Switches :

45A Double Pole Switches :

Cooker Control Units :

Shaver Socket :

Telephone Outlets :

TV Outlets :

Blank Plates :

Flex Connection Plates :

Lounge Plate :

Data Plates :

Modules :

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ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management
BSI           Health & Safety           WEEELink

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