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GIRA Design Configuration

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GIRA Design Configuration 

الان بـ إمكانك اختيار الفريم والفيش واللون اللي يناسب بيتك بنفسك .

الرجاء الضغط على الصورة - يمكنك الان اختيار الالوان بما يتناسق مع التصميم لديكـ.. :)

Gira Design Configurator with augmented reality

The entire Gira design system at a glance – within your own four walls. The easy-to-use Gira Design Configurator will give you a realistic impression of your desired combination. The many frame varieties of the Gira design lines can be combined with selected functions in various colours and materials from the Gira product range. The new, fascinating 'Live View' mode uses a smartphone’s or a tablet’s camera to show what selected design variants look like in your real-life environment. The Gira Design Configurator can be called up online and is available as a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices.